Tips To Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

24 February 2016
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A high-quality spray tan can give you a gorgeous golden glow without the danger of UV exposure.  Although a spray tan is temporary, there are steps you can take to help to make it last longer.  Read on to find out more.


Start exfoliating your skin a few days before you have your spray tan, and have any waxing done at least a day before.  This will help to achieve a nice, even tone and will avoid that dark pore look that can spoil your legs.  Shower and exfoliate the night before your tan, but don't apply body lotion to your skin as this can prevent the tan from taking properly.

To avoid your tan from coming off on your clothes, wear something loose and avoid underwear if possible.  It's a good idea to wear flip-flops or strappy sandals to come home in after your spray tan.  This helps to keep strap marks to a minimum, and a quick exfoliation will soon even things out.

Showering and moisturising

Ask your beautician how long you should wait before you have your first post-tanning shower.  Tanning products vary; some require that you shower straight away, whilst others necessitate that you wait overnight.

Very oily products with a high concentration of detergent can fade your tan very quickly, so stick to using natural soaps and shower gels, and don't have the water too hot.  Moisturising is very important, but you should use a very basic lotion that doesn't contain oil.  Apply it in the shower for best effect.


Due to the amount of cleansing and washing they receive, the tan on your face and hands will fade more quickly than that on the rest of your body.  You can combat this by using a self-tanning moisturiser to keep these areas touched-up.  Remember to clean your nails and palms with a cleansing wipe after each application to avoid patchy build-up.

No sweat

One sure way of reducing the life of your spray tan is to take heavy exercise and consequently sweat profusely.  If you like to work-out regularly, invest in a self-tanning product that you can use in the shower to top-up your spray tan.  These products are also useful to keep your tan boosted between spray tanning appointments.  Your usual salon should be able to provide you with something suitable.

Light exfoliation

A good way to avoid blotchiness and keep your tan looking even is to use a light exfoliation product every few days.  Avoid anything too harsh and be sure to cover your whole body, including your face and hands, to avoid patchiness.

In conclusion

You can help to prolong the life of your spray tan by following the tips given above.  For more information on specific aftercare products, ask in your spray tanning salon.