Why You Should Trust Dry Cleaning Services to Maintain your Fabric

19 February 2016
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Why You Should Trust Dry Cleaning Services to Maintain your Fabric

Dry cleaning is one of the most well-known professions around the world since 1855 when Jean Baptiste Jolly invented this service. It involves cleaning your garments in liquid solvents such as perchlorethylene also known as perc. Many people are reluctant to take their clothes to dry cleaners. Knowing what they actually do with your clothes can bolster your confidence to trust them and appreciate their work. 

Cloth tagging and checking

Before the actual dry cleaning process begins, your clothes get labeled with a small paper tag that bears the reference number for easy identification. Then the dry cleaner issues you with a receipt that you present when picking up your clothes. Normally it takes a few hours for the laundry work to be done.


At this stage, the garments get inspected to draw attention to any stains or unwanted coloring in your fabric. Such stains may include blood or ink stains, chemicals, food, drinks, and anything that can leave a visibly remarkable spot on your clothing. Stain removal can be done using cleansing agents like solvents to make it easier to go through the actual cleaning process.

The dry cleaning process

After ensuring that the clothes are ready for the actual washing, the cleaner bundles them into the washing machine for the cleaning to start. Washing machines can vary in function and operation modes i.e; those with motor and dryer in a single machine or separated. A single cleaning cycle normally takes around eight minutes and then almost an hour from the washing, draining to the drying process.

Post-spotting and finishing up

This is the final stage in your fabric's cleaning process. The washed clothes will be inspected again to spot any stain that is left after the cleaning process. You need to know that there are two types of stains that dry cleaners deal with; the wet stains (e.g. fruit drops) and dry stains (like oils and grease). Wet stains do disappear during the washing process but the dry stains at times do stubbornly remain. The dry cleaner uses dry-side chemicals and solvents to remove them. All this is done to ensure quality and spotlessness of your clothes.

A good note to take: Avoid any contact with sticky and oily substances because they can ruin your clothes and cost you a lot to remove the stains.Doing all the tough laundry work by yourself can be so tiresome and time-consuming. That is why you have to trust dry cleaners to take up the cloth washing burdens on your behalf at a considerable cost.