How to Get the Best from Your Corporate Uniform

14 January 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog


One way to make your company stand out is by having a corporate uniform for all your employees. However, some company owners pick uniforms that damage the image of the company because not enough thought went into choosing that uniform. This article discusses some tips that you should implement in order for your employees to stand out in their corporate uniforms.

Set Employee Guidelines

One important way to get the best out of corporate uniforms is to set guidelines regulating how the uniforms should be used. For instance, you should define acceptable personal grooming so that the appearance of employees does not detract from the image that you would like them to project when they put on those uniforms. An example is the colour of nail polish that female employees should use during workdays. A combination of very bright colours (such as green and yellow) may water down the professional image that you would like to portray for your law firm. Similarly, it is important to define what kind of accessories should be used when employees wear corporate uniforms.

Provide Options

Chances are very high that your employees will not have the same body type. Consequently, a single style may look great on one employee but appear comical on another employee. Avoid sending mixed signals about your company by getting uniforms of different sizes and fittings so that each employee selects what will make him or her look elegant. Employees who feel comfortable in what they are wearing are less likely to be self-conscious and they will focus on serving your clients.

Don't Be Static

While it may not be advisable to go to the extreme of designing corporate uniforms that conform to the latest fashion trends (such as tight-fitting clothes), it is wise to be fashion conscious. Modify the uniforms after a few years so that your staff does not look outdated when they wear them. For instance, imagine the image you would convey if your employees wore bell-bottom pants decades after that style went out of fashion. You company can easily become a point of reference for people who want to crack jokes. Avoid this eventuality by changing the style of the uniforms so that your company retains its appeal among clients.

You can hire a fashion expert to advise you on your corporate uniform so that you remain ahead of the competition. As Thomas Fuller said, "Good clothes open all doors."